Working For You

My grandmother passed away in 2016 after eight years of Alzheimer’s. At the time I owned two successful businesses and thought I was invincible. During her final weeks I came to realize I did not have the choices, options, or control to both sustain that lifestyle and spend time with the most important thing: family. 
I had worked hard to create a better future for myself and my family. Instead I found that I had put my family’s future at greater risk and that had to change. Many successful people I knew were living a lifestyle that wasn’t sustainable. We were caught up in the today and were living in an ever shrinking box of what we would be able to do in the future.

This is when I realized what my calling was. 
We arm you with financial strategies that bring you to the next level. For successful entrepreneurs this means personal planning to make sure your business is providing for your retirement, you have a succession plan in place, and your business has full access to the financial strategies that can make or break a business. For individuals on the brink of retirement or already retired this means having guarantees in retirement and planning your legacy. For personal injury and guardian ad litem attorneys this means cutting edge and creative financial solutions for clients as well as personal and business planning.

We are committed to being part of your team that elevates you, your business, and your lifestyle.